Cute crockery at Tea and Little Cakes

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Tea at TALC in Norwich

Yes, you’ve guess it, it’s yet another blog about cake. Typical, I know. But eating is what I do best! If my cake marathons at Biddys, Mustard and Butlers of Holt haven’t convinced you of that, then I really don’t know what will.

I’ve been frequenting Tea and Little Cakes on Timber Hill in Norwich for a little while now; it’s very close to my work and serves cake. Of course I have been going there for a while.

It’s a sweet little place, with a cute little shop front on a quiet little street. Inside it’s much the same, with fairy lights, antique mirrors and wooden tables. The clincher for me is the crockery though. It’s mismatched and kitsch, but rather dainty and makes me feel positively Victorian. The tea is also served in nice big pots. What more could I want?

Oh yes, that would be it – cake. I have to say that my choice has been rather unadventurous and limited to their fruit scones, but that’s only because they’re amazing. They’re always served warm, with butter and strawberry jam. Oh, and if I feel like I haven’t quite eaten 3,000 calories already, I will order it with clotted cream too. Yum.

Time for tea

My only gripe is that the service tends to be a little bit slow. I’ve been known to go well over an hour for my lunch break because I’ve been forgotten about when they are busy. The service is good and welcoming over all, but I do find that a little irritating.

They have redeemed themselves with the service received at larger events though. I’ve been to Talc a couple of times as part of a larger party, which has taken over the entire cafe and they have always provided more than enough cake, sandwiches and regular tea refills without having to ask.

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