Local history at Norwich Cathedral

inNorfolk | Local history at Norwich Cathedral
The gorgeous gothic exterior

I can only apologise that I haven’t blogged about Norwich Cathedral before. I mistakenly believed I had posted about it in the past but hadn’t. However, I recently took a friend to visit and think a blog is well overdue.

A Norman building dating back to the 12th Century, Norwich Cathedral is just as beautiful inside as the intricate gothic exterior belies. The stained glass windows are bright and beautiful, ranging in ages from the Medieval to modern. I particularly like the modern window in the the north transept, which is filled with blue and purple glass, which catches the light beautifully on a bright day.

The pinnacle of its steeple also visible from almost every part of Norwich, meaning that it is an unmistakable part of the local skyline. In fact, that is why it is included in the logo of this blog!

Like a boss

inNorfolk | Local history at Norwich Cathedral
Norman paintwork in Norwich Cathedral

The ceiling bosses throughout the complex are incredible. Along the length of the ceiling above the main aisle of the Cathedral is a series of intricate and colourful bosses depicting Bible stories in order. You’ll need keen eyesight to see them, but a number of mirrors will help you to get a closer look.

The porticoes of the cloister also have ceiling decorations, with some grotesque figures and stories. I was particularly taken with a green man, whose eyes were slightly menacing.

The paintwork within the Cathedral is also amazing. Some of the original Norman paint remains on the stone, as pictured, still vibrant and bright. I can’t help but wonder what it would have looked like when the cathedral was new. It makes me want to read ‘Pillars of the Earth’ all over again!

Morbid interests

I also have to confess to having a slightly morbid habit of reading gravestones. The messages and names fascinate me. The one that has stayed with me since my first visit is that of Thomas Gooding. I won’t ruin it for you, but the philosophy of it reminds readers to make the most of today.

But it’s not all about history; I will quickly mention the Refrectory Café. The afternoon teas are delicious if you have time to spare – although I will cover that in a future post because it will give me an excuse to have another scone!

If you want to know more about Norwich Cathedral, its events, opening times and history, visit www.cathedral.org.uk


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