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Jelly Bellies by Ruth L

There’s a shop in Norwich that has always held a kind of wonder in my eyes, because it is filled with temptation and yumminess: Digby’s in the Royal Arcade. That’s because it’s filled with delicious chocolates, sweets and gifts.

I would honestly be about 30 stone if I bought something every time I visited!

When I first moved to Norwich it was the only place to buy loose Jelly Belly beans (something of an obsession), which is why it has always held me enthralled – you can buy something a bit different and fun.

Not only that, it has an amazing atmosphere – it’s dark and old fashioned, with chocolates and jars behind the counter and the smell is unique. It’s an experience just going in and looking around at the many types of treats. There just seems to be something extra special about it at Christmas.

Norfolk gifts

If you’re struggling for a Christmas gift for a loved one and want to buy something nice, Digby’s is a good place to start; you can put together your own box of chocolates from a selection of handmade treats behind the counter, so you can make sure they only get flavours that you like.

They also sell diabetic and allergy-friendly variations too, so you can get something for everyone.

Admittedly the boxes aren’t cheap, but the chocolates are well made and taste delicious – it is well worth it if you want something impressive.

Digby’s is located in the Royal Arcade in Norwich, although chocolates can be bought via their website too.


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