Natural beauty at Pensthorpe

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One of the many lakes at Pensthorpe

The weather of the past week has been nothing short of fabulous, so it only seemed right to make the most of it.

As such, this weekend I got up early and headed to Pensthorpe Nature Reserve. I’ve driven past it (on the A1067) several times recently and thought it would be nice to stop and see what’s there.

The landscape around the park is beautiful – very nicely laid out and ideal for meandering around – no step hills and beautiful scenery. It’d be perfect at any time of year.

Around the lakes and enclosures there are cranes, flamingos and ibis. All of the enclosures are large and interesting too, so they don’t get bored (I hate seeing birds in cages).

There are hides at strategic points too, so you can stop and get a better look at the birds, especially at the larger lakes. I would recommend taking binoculars, because you will see more than I did!

My favourite bit had to be the red squirrel enclosure though. They are so entertaining to watch, leaping about the place, hanging off things and generally being cute.

A little light exercise

It took us several hours to walk all the way round, which they estimate is just over 2 miles and can be completed at a leisurely amble.

We grabbed a spot of lunch while we were at Pensthorpe, which was reasonably priced (the drinks are quite expensive though – £1.10 for water) but there are numerous picnic benches around too.

Although I am not a fan of gift shops in general, Pensthorpe does have a good range and plenty of local produce, which would make perfect Christmas presents (yep, I said the C word!).

Entry tickets were pricey at £9 per adult, but we did spend the whole day there and enjoyed ourselves. I would thoroughly recommend it…


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