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Bird watching in Woodbastwick

In desperate need of some fresh air and exercise, I headed to the Norfolk Broads this Sunday, determined to make the most of the dry weather and sunshine.

Unsure where exactly on the Broads to go, the OH suggested stopping off at Woodbastwick for a few hours. It’s surrounded by other pretty villages and broads, like Ranworth, so you can always stop off on the way. It was perfect for a lazy Sunday.

For the most part, the drive out there is fine – but be warned, there is a section of single track road to the broad (and when I say single, I mean single – if there’s something coming the other way, you’ll have to reverse, because there is water and reeds on both sides).

Although the broad itself was full of boats, the public car park (free) was empty, so we pretty much had the nature reserve walk to ourselves. It’s not very far, but there’s lots of wildlife and when you get to the end there’s a bird watching hut, so you can enjoy the view (pictured).

Some of the twitchers said that they had seen kingfishers and otters in Woodbastwick, so if that’s your thing, you should probably get down there.

In the end we didn’t have time to go to the other villages, or even on the Ferry to the Marina, but there is plenty to do if you have a whole day to spare.

If you’ve been somewhere great in Norfolk, leave me a comment below.


Hi, I'm Lucy. I've lived in Norfolk since 2001 and in that time I've grown to love this fine county. From the city of Norwich, to the countryside villages and sweeping coastline, there's so much to explore and hope to share my experiences with you here.

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