Bank Holiday Blog: Banham Zoo, Norfolk

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Leopard at Banham Zoo (very close!)

As my followers on Twitter may have spotted, I went to Banham Zoo yesterday. The weather was fine (compared to the rest of the week) and a few of my friends made the trip, so I had a very good day out.

To get down to the logistics at the start, it’s incredibly straight forward to get to Banham Zoo from Norwich; just follow the B1113 from Norwich to Banham and it’s signposted when you get near. Even I can manage it, and I have no sense of direction!

I will say at the outset – it’s a wee bit pricey; adult tickets are £16.95 and child tickets (3-15 years) are £12.95. If you were taking your whole family, it is very expensive. I would suggest taking a packed lunch to keep the costs down.

A wild day out

In spite of the costs, Banham Zoo is an excellent day out. We took a friend’s little boy with us and he had a great time looking at all the animals and finding out about them. To be fair, I was pretty excited too!

There are a huge number animals at Banham Zoo and I believe it’s the biggest in Norfolk. The big cats are always my favourites and there are tigers, snow leopards, ocelots, cheetahs, leopards – all sorts. And they all have good size enclosures too. I hate going to the zoo and seeing big cats pacing in their cages because they’re bored. It really isn’t like that at Banham, they have large spaces and things to climb on.

There are also two red pandas in residence too and I have a bit of an obsession with them – they’re so adorable – although the four month old giraffe gave them a run for their money in the cute stakes!

As well as the animals, there is also a road train around the zoo, which is free. It’s great for children, especially when their legs get tired and they don’t want to walk around. The little’un we took with us loved it.

If you want to find out more about Banham Zoo, visit their website.


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