A treasure trove at Knotty Green

inNorfolk | A treasure trove at Knotty Green
Royal paraphenalia at
Knotty Green

Knotty Green has been around in Norwich for a fair old while; located at the Back of the Inns, I remember my friend taking me there just after I had finished uni. I also remember completely falling in love with the place.

It’s a tiny little shop, selling all sorts of quirky trinkets and beautiful dresses. It feels like a treasure trove, with lots of lovely things to discover.

Every time I go in there they seem to have something different from gorgeous greetings cards to cups and saucers.

When I went in yesterday, I fell in love with the kitsch Royal Wedding paraphenalia; I’m not a royalist, but the little food flags, paper plates and bunting were so cute that I wanted them all. I’m not even holding a wedding party!

They also sell scented soaps, hand cream, door handles and crockery – just going in there makes me smile!

It’s all rather reasonably priced too, so you can get an individual dress or necklace for less than some of the other boutiques in town.

Knotty Green is located on the Back of the Inns, opposite L’Occitane.


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