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Eggs Royale at The Iron House

I have to apologise for the brevity of this post: I will be away this evening for a couple of days, so I don’t really have enough time to write a full blog. However, I will quickly review my experience at The Iron House in Norwich.

Located on Lobster Lane, the restaurant has been open for a little while, although I have never had the opportunity to try it, so when a friend suggested we meet there for lunch, I jumped at the chance.

It’s a higgledy piggledy place because it’s made up of different buildings, all brought together, which makes it rather quirky. It also means that it has nice little rooms with a few tables in each, all nicely spaced out.

To the food

The menu was excellent – not too large or too small (although I still had difficulty deciding!) and there is an excellent selection of cakes too. I eventually opted for Eggs Royale, which is a dish of poached egg on an English muffin, with smoked salmon and Hollandaise sauce. As you can see from the picture, it was beautifully presented and it tasted even better, with the eggs all warm and runny. Nom!

The price wasn’t bad either, at £5.85, especially because it was really good quality and tasted divine. I had imagined it would be more expensive to dine there, so it was a pleasant surprise.

The service at The Iron House was also perfect, with the waiting staff letting us natter away without bothering us for our order or hassling us to leave when we were finished. It was perfect for a lazy lunch!

Now I want to try it for dinner….!


Hi, I'm Lucy. I've lived in Norfolk since 2001 and in that time I've grown to love this fine county. From the city of Norwich, to the countryside villages and sweeping coastline, there's so much to explore and hope to share my experiences with you here.

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