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As any of my followers on Twitter may have spotted, I went to see the comedian Andi Osho at the Norwich Arts Centre last night.

You might have seen her on Mock the Week and Comedy Roadshow – she’s a very funny lady, with a great outlook on life. Her show is based on her observations of cultural differences and stereotypes, although it has a very serious point to make.

The importance of atmosphere

I love going to see comedy at the Arts Centre for many reasons, but it’s the atmosphere that really makes it special. Because it’s such a tiny venue, you get a truly intimate performance. However, it goes without saying that you should be careful which comedians you see there, because you’re very close to the stage no matter where you sit (I wouldn’t go to see Frankie Boyle there, for example). Luckily Andi Osho was rather lovely, so it’s ok to sit near the front.

As you can tell from the exterior, Norwich Arts Centre was a church in a previous life and the auditorium still has a number of features from that time – gothic plaques on the walls, for example, still remain. Most of the other effects have been hidden, but it’s great to go to a gig in a slightly different environment.

The Arts Centre doesn’t just host comedy gigs either; they have all sorts of performances coming up in 2011, from drama to music, normally at very reasonable prices. It is also host to Clutter City, which is a very easy way to spend money! Check out their program here.

To see the lovely, very funny Andi Osho on her Afroblighty tour, check her website here.


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