Ballet for Beginners with The Garage

Ballet for Beginners with The Garage Norwich


It’s been a while since I blogged…

Needless to say, there’s been a lot going on. And given the pandemic and ensuing lockdown, I’ve found it difficult to blog. If nothing else, it’s been difficult to try anything new!

Like most people, I’ve had to give up my gym sessions and find new ways of keeping fit. I’ve been running a lot and trying YouTube sessions, but nothing has really grabbed me.

But, in early May, The Garage in Norwich approached me and asked if I’d like to try one of their online classes. They have a packed timetable of sessions for adults and children, which are all held via Zoom video conferencing. Check out their class timetable online.

After much deliberation, I opted for the Ballet for Beginners class on Wednesday evening. I reserved my place using their simple online booking system and the joining details arrived by email the day before the class was due to begin.

The class, led by dance instructor Lizzie, was reaching half-term when I joined. Unsurprisingly, I was a bit behind, but still really enjoyed myself.

In spite of the odd technical glitch (which might be to do with my own bandwidth), the class went really smoothly on Zoom.

The small-group format worked really well, with just five students on the call. While it wasn’t quite the same as a normal class, it allowed for opportunities to engage with the teacher and other students.

Ballet for Beginners: The class

After warming up with a range of exercises, we worked through a variety of moves and positions, including pas de cheval and pirouette prep.

It took me back to my childhood dance classes; working through first to fifth positions and performing demi-pliés was a real blast from the past. It’s amazing how quickly it comes back to you.

That said, I enjoyed it a lot more than I did when I was a child. When I was small, ballet lessons seemed to last forever, but the 45-minute Ballet for Beginners class flew by. Finding and holding the positions was an almost-meditative experience, forcing me to focus on the present. I had to be in the moment, focusing on my body, it’s position and the way it feels.

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The class instructor, Lizzie, was great. She explained and demonstrated all of the moves thoroughly before giving feedback to all class members throughout. She really helped us to find the right positions with our feet, legs and arms.

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Unfortunately for me, I have since come to the conclusion that I have an undiagnosed case of plantar fasciitis because of the running. Holding some of the foot positions was painful, which wasn’t ideal. Also, The Chap and I live in a Victorian terrace so there isn’t much room, so stretching out was slightly troublesome.

In spite of that, I definitely want to do it again. If I can (ever) go to another real-life class (or live in a larger house) I’ll be signing up to the full course soon.

Ballet for Beginners if £4 per session. Book classes online here.


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