A/W 2018 menswear trends

Barbour Beacon Fell Jacket - £199

Guest blogger and Norwich-based fashion designer Nelly Hipkin gives an update on what the discerning gentleman should be wearing this season

It’s autumn again and we’re looking for the all-important seasonal updates to keep our wardrobe modern, fresh and on-trend for the months ahead.

After a colourful and trend-packed summer for menswear, it’s exciting to see such a variety of styles coming through. There is a big selection of trends on the scene this year, so take your pick!

River Island Shearling Aviator Jacket
River Island – £90


First up is the warm and wintry shearling trend. It’s one of the soft textures dominating the men’s catwalk and is either being worn as a full-on, all-over jacket or more subtly. Shearling features in the lining, or outlined on collars and cuffs.

Think classic aviator, rather than Del Boy.

It’s meant to be worn as an over-sized and casual-wear look, perfect for matching with any wardrobe.

M&Co Tartan Check Shirt
M&Co Tartan Check Shirt – £22


Tartan is a huge trend this season. Thanks to Versace, it’s absolutely everywhere so you can’t miss it (even if you wanted to!).

The great thing about this trend is there is such a wide variety of colours, designs and variations of check, so you can go as bold and bright as you want to, or rock it in a tonal low-key way too.

Wear it mismatched or go head-to-toe, whatever suits you.


Superdry t-shirt
Superdry t-shirt – £24.99


Something that has carried on from earlier this year is the dominant 90s sportswear vibe.

The tracksuits, slogans, over-sized sneakers and puffer jackets are here to stay, as are the side-stripe motif and the Noel Gallagher bucket hats.

The updated version of this trend sees logo sweatshirts being paired with tailoring, or high-end streetwear with suits to create a contemporary twist.

Another example of this trend is known as maximalism where multiple logos and labels are worn together and items are layered up.

Technical Outerwear

In terms of weather-appropriate fashion, there are big outerwear trends thriving within menswear. Directly inspired by the elements, fashions include hiking gear, anoraks and heavy-duty boots.

Barbour Beacon Fell Jacket - £199
Barbour Beacon Fell Jacket – £199


Once reserved for mountaineers, this is now an everyday style. Known as Technical Outerwear, this trend is a more durable, utilitarian version of the outerwear trends of recent years.

It includes oversized quilted or padded jackets, cagoules and waterproofs. It’s a great day-to-day look and will come in handy with the British weather!

Colours of the season

Primark Cord Borg Jacket
Primark Cord Borg Jacket – £25

In terms of colour palette, brown, of course, is hot this season.

It’s especially prominent amongst overcoats, knitwear and tailoring.

However, brown is surprisingly varied. It can be delicious caramel, taupe and chocolate shades.

It’s also good to see mustard, khakis, burnt orange and stone also making a statement, especially amongst Scandinavian brands.

Corduroy is still popular and has transcended from purely casual outerwear statements to formal options too. This has been seen in suits all over the catwalk in the 70s western trend, teamed with a roll neck and cowboy boots. This wild west look seems to have mileage if the success of the Givenchy and Calvin Klein shows were anything to go by.

M&S Collection Blazer
M&S Collection Blazer – £69


Another thing to mention is that menswear tailoring has gone large. Well, the shoulders have…

Now known as XXL Shoulders, they are sharp and structured, almost like armour. Think 80s power-dressing and the world of Wall Street and you’re almost there.

A nice contrast to this is the increase of softer Italian tailoring and, in particular, pinstripes. These are being worn more ‘slouchy’ in suiting. No longer content with being confined to Savile Row, pinstripes have been diluted and reinvented.

Keep your eyes peeled in coming weeks for Nelly’s women’s wear edit.

Images courtesy of River Island, M&Co, Superdry, Barbour, Primark, M&S 


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