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In this review, Lucy samples Waveney Mill’s bronze die-cut pasta and enjoys a delicious lunch.

It’s hard for me to admit this as an ardent Italophile, but until recently, I viewed pasta as mere ballast; a beige side playing second fiddle to a more complex sauce.

Thankfully my opinion changed on a recent visit to Italy and I never looked back. The cheap and cheerful pasta of my student days no longer made the grade.

Sampling really good pasta made me realise that it could be something more. It could offer something to a meal, rather than acting as a vehicle for sauce.

It could be filling and substantial, with a distinct texture.

So when Waveney Mill offered to send over some samples of their Norfolk-made bronze die-cut pasta, I was a) surprised and b) delighted, because I had no idea that anyone in Norfolk made pasta!

And then I went to Google to find out what makes bronze die-cut pasta special! For other people like me, it simply means that the pasta has a rougher surface than mass-produced varieties, which means there is a greater surface area for the sauce to cling to.

Waveney Mill Pasta
Waveney Mill Pasta

Cooking with Waveney Mill pasta

When it arrived, I found three beautifully packaged bags of pasta inside the box: spatziola (curls), girandole (fusilli-style twists) and penne (small tubes). Needless to say, I started cooking almost immediately! 

I followed the instructions to the letter: 15 minutes in salted boiling water until al dente. I then mixed in some quality pesto for a quick and easy lunch.

I’m pleased to say it was robust and almost meaty, with a really firm texture. Also, thanks to the bronze die-cut production methods, the pesto clung to the pasta, ensuring a good coating of sauce.

Made from premium durum wheat semolina, the packaging proclaims that the pasta is a source of protein. Although I was initially dubious about this claim, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself feeling sated many hours later. We will definitely be buying this again – and may add it to some hampers this Christmas!

Find out more

You can buy bags of Waveney Mill pasta at shops throughout Norfolk. Contact them on Instagram to find out more.

Waveney Mill Pasta Review
  • Excellent, high-quality pasta
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