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Nelly Hipkin from Dancys.co.uk gives us insight into the womenswear fashions she’s seeing on the high street this year, so you can get on-trend for winter

Although it’s sad to leave summer behind, I find one of the best things about the change in seasons is the excitement surrounding new trends, new colours and updating my existing wardrobe, not to mention new coats and hats.

At this time of year, there is so much fashion to choose from and this year’s trends don’t disappoint!

Animal print

Starting with the obvious, is the animal-print trend. It lends itself to an array of leopard, tiger, snake and even cow prints. These are mainly in tonal shades, but occasionally in pop brights. You can blame this on Tom Ford’s catwalk show; these prints are everywhere!

I love animal print and although fashion mags are saying ‘the wilder the better’, very few people will go for the head-to-toe look. It’s too Kat Slater! However, it’s definitely a trend to mix and match with others.

Leather dresses

These were prominent at the fashion shows too. It is a trend that’s grown up and sophisticated, as well as sturdy and structured. Leather is filtering into skirts and jackets this season too, which is great news if you like a tailored style.


Perhaps everyone has been enjoying The Crown on Netflix because tweed is huge this year. And it’s no longer confined to the Queen’s wardrobe, but is being worn in new shapes and styles. Oversized tweed coats are dominating the high street, working well with jeans or the aforementioned leather skirts.


The softer palette of tweed is contradicted by the loud and bright tartan trend. Both bold and eye-catching it comes predominantly in primary colours. The tartan look has a 90s vibe and shouts Cher from Clueless. Simply team a pleated tartan mini with a fluffy jumper and voila!

70s vibes

This year’s shows were full of autumnal browns and warm caramels, while there’s also tan, tobacco and camel on the scene. It lends a mellow 70s vibe to all sorts of collections, which brings me to the retro 70s look. There are flares, crochet, soft shearling, suede and drop waists, not to mention gypsy dresses a la Little House on the Prairie.

Fendi and Chloe were some of the endless designers championing this look and I can’t imagine it going anywhere, because this is a season of high necklines and low hemlines.


Talking hemlines, have you spotted how many midi-length pleated skirts are out there at the moment?

Pleats are back and edgier and brighter than we have known them. The might be translucent or patterned, and long in length. Team one with an over-sized jumper and long-line tailored coat for optimum chic.


Catching my eye has been the sci-fi silver trend. It’s contemporary, futuristic and oh-so cool. This eason is big on metallic leathers, giant sequins and loud, shiny, patent materials you want to touch.

It seems investing in a splash of silver is the way to go this season, and those sparkles certainly create movie-style glamour. Team with ice blue or lilacs as there is still a selection of pastel hues creeping in amongst the richer rust tones.

Outer layers

I love a winter coat and, in that arena, there were a couple of notable trends.

First, the trench coat is back and if it’s animal printed all the better!

Second, capes are having a revival. Best known as get-up for superheroes, they are now a must-have for the modern woman. They are best worn sharp and elegant, as seen at Erdem and Saint Lauren’t although there is a blanket version if you prefer a cosier vibe.

Finally, as a more practical option, we have puffer, padded and parka jackets. It’s a functional urban armour with a sports vibe meant to be worn with tailored trousers or layered with a long skirt. Why not get all three!


Hi, I'm Lucy. I've lived in Norfolk since 2001 and in that time I've grown to love this fine county. From the city of Norwich, to the countryside villages and sweeping coastline, there's so much to explore and hope to share my experiences with you here.

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