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Anyone that knows me knows that I love homeware.

I can often be found poring over soft furnishings and wine glasses in John Lewis; staring dreamily at candles in White Company and trying out sofas I have no hope of affording in Jarrold. I even mourned the recent loss of Loose’s kitchenware shop from the Norwich high street.

I even mourned the recent loss of Loose’s kitchenware shop

When I received an email asking if I’d like to review products from House, a leading Australian kitchenware brand, I said yes in a heartbeat. The Norwich store opened in August and they wanted some local bloggers to trial their products.

I promptly toddled along to Chapelfield on opening day and was overwhelmed by the range. Although it’s not a huge shop, it’s packed to the rafters with kitchenalia. I was given a tour by the regional manager, who showed me the vast range of dinnerware (I have my eyes on an Alex Liddy bone china set), bakeware, cutlery, mugs and knives.

So when a HUGE parcel arrived on my doorstep from House, I was very excited. I even posted my first-ever unboxing video on Instagram to celebrate its arrival.

It contained a plethora of goodies, as follows:

Alex Liddy Share Salad Bowl

This 26cm salad bowl is probably my favourite item.

More than anything, I fell for the colour. The deep, vibrant turquoise has made an eye-catching addition to my kitchen. In fact, I haven’t used it for salad yet, because I’m using it as a fruit bowl. I love the contrast of the bright fruits against the vivid blue.

Also, because it’s stoneware, it feels substantial and solid (ideal when you’re as clumsy as I am).

Alex Liddy Acacia Board

Nestled at the bottom of the box was a gorgeous wooden serving board. The natural acacia finish is so beautiful that I’ve been using this almost daily. I even treated The Chap to a cheeseboard so that I could make use of it.

I admit that we did have to sand it down a little because it was slightly rough and I was concerned about getting splinters in my gorgonzola. However, we both love the rustic finish.

Alex Liddy Acacia Chopping Board

Marie Claire Laguiole Domain Mini Cheese Knife Set

The cheese board leads me neatly onto reviewing the cheese knives from Marie Claire Paris. Now, I’ll be honest, we don’t often indulge in a cheese board. I have little-to-no willpower, so having cheese in the fridge is too much temptation. But when a kitchenware shop sends you cheese knives, it’s the only civilised thing to do, non?

These light, wooden-handled, stainless steel beauties are beautifully designed. They have pretty details and added to the occasion. I felt most decadent as I crammed a wedge of brie into my face.

They come in lovely packaging too (not pictured) and would make a great gift for the cheese lover in your life.

Scullery Kolori Silicone Slice

Kitchenware geek alert: I love a spatula.

I love a spatula

It’s not some weird euphemism or sarcasm; I really love the way a spatula can clear a pan or mixing bowl with little effort. It is remarkably satisfying. And I especially love spatulas that don’t melt.

That’s why I love this bright blue one. I used it to make polenta chips this weekend and it was amazing. It scooped up the polenta from the edges of the saucepan so I could pop it in a baking tray, and then smoothed over the top without making a mess. I have a feeling it might be my new favourite kitchen tool.

CuisinePro Slice and Dice Garlic Press

Fact: we use a lot of garlic in our house. We’ve even started buying lazy garlic. Over the years, we’ve spent so much time chopping and mashing garlic that it seemed like a good investment. But this handy little tool means we’ll probably go back to fresh garlic.

It’s mess-free, easy to use and I don’t end up with my fingertips wreaking of garlic for days on end. It also comes with two interchangeable blades, so you can slice or dice your garlic.

The blades can also be stored with the body of the device too, so it can be stored neatly. It really is rather nifty.

CuisinePro Slice and Dice Garlic Press

Cellar Premium Pinot Noir Glasses

This might come as a bit of a shock to some of you, but I haven’t used these yet. With the weather being what it is, I’ve not been in the mood for red wine.

They have actually been specially designed to give you the best experience when drinking pinot noir. The shape of the glass should funnel the aromas. The large balloon also gives the wine plenty of room to breathe in the glass.

Plus, because they’re made of lead-free European crystal, they feel substantial in your hand.

I’m looking forward to swilling a fine red around in one of these when the cool weather arrives!

Cellar Premium Pinot Noir glasses

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