Peace and quiet at The Millennium Library

inNorfolk | Peace and quiet at The Millennium LibraryWell, that’s not strictly true. As libraries go, The Millennium Library at The Forum in Norwich is rather modern and, well, noisy.

That said, I do find it quite relaxing in there; over the last few winters I’ve headed there in my lunch breaks to escape from the chaos of work; to escape into a fictional world without budgets and deadlines. It helps me to unwind and return with a clear head.

I love being surrounded by books too. It’s something that I’ve grown up with and I love having a rummage through the shelves, flicking through the latest releases and devouring the classics.

Sound and vision

The film and DVD library is a fantastic resource too. General entertainment DVDs are just £2 for a week on loan, while the new releases are £2 for 2 days – much cheaper than Blockbuster. There is also a game rental option, but it’s not really my area of expertise!

The Forum also often has art exhibitions and fairs in the foyer, which are rather enjoyable to look around and very informative. As a focal point in the community, it is perfect; welcoming and friendly.

As I have also blogged about the past, Cafe Marzano on the ground floor is a great place to socialise and people watch, both inside and out. It can be very distracting if you’re trying to have a serious conversation. Don’t let that put you off though!

To have look through the Library Catalogue and find out more, visit the website.


Hi, I'm Lucy. I've lived in Norfolk since 2001 and in that time I've grown to love this fine county. From the city of Norwich, to the countryside villages and sweeping coastline, there's so much to explore and hope to share my experiences with you here.

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  1. I admit to love spending quiet time in libraries so the Millennium library is one of my haunts in Norwich. Like you I love being near books and often wish I had more time for reading.
    At the Millenium Library they have a very useful business section I sometimes wander to but my preference is sitting there taking mental notes of photographs from all sorts of books, just for the inspiration. It's a bit too noisy, as you say, for stuff that requires concentration, and you often struggle to find a space on a desk.

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