Campaign for fair fares

As a regular Norfolk Park and Ride user, I have noticed that there have been posters at the various sites about a Campaign for Fair Fares. Intrigued, I decided to take a look at the site to find out more.

To give you the crux of the information, the website explains that the government has altered its system to allow elderly and disabled passengers concessionary fares, which is great.

However, in doing so, it hasn’t allocated enough funding to run the bus system – a shortfall that comes in at about £4.5m. According to the page, the bus operators have helped to absorb some of this shortfall, but it is likely to get worse when fuel duty increases next year.

As such, they have set up an online petition to garner support for increased funding, which will maintain the system more effectively, in the light of increasing costs.

You can sign the petition online here. Please feel free to share the link and encourage others to sign the petition.


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