Chilling out at The Bicycle Shop

Located on St. Benedict’s Street in Norwich is a lovely, teeny tiny bar called The Bicycle Shop. It has a great atmosphere for just kicking back and enjoying time catching up with your friends on a warm summer’s night.

The bar is called The Bicycle Shop because that is what it used to be in its former life. As such, it is filled with bicycle paraphernalia and an eclectic mix of randomness (an owl teapot, a taxidermied robin etc). With stripped floorboards, wooden furniture and candles, it’s cosy and relaxed no matter what time of day you drop by (it’s especially cosy during a storm, as I recently discovered).

They have a good selection of drinks too, from beers and wines to sherry and soft drinks, so you can easily find something to suit your mood. I was driving last time I visited so had a fizzy strawberry and rhubarb drink, which was very refreshing. The prices aren’t too bad either – £2.30 for a bottle of pop, £2 for orange juice and around £3 for a pint.

Although I haven’t been lucky enough to eat at The Bicycle Shop yet, I had a pang of food envy when some delicious looking tapas was bought out to the table next to us. I would have been very happy picking at some whitebait while I chatted with my friends!

If you like going to places like Frank’s Bar, you’ll really love it here.

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