More curry: The Spice of India, Horsford

This weekend my OH celebrated his [censored] birthday, and having had a couple of rubbish weeks, his mother booked up for the whole family to have a meal at the Spice of India in Horsford.

Over the past few years I’ve eaten there a couple times, but this is the first time that I’ve visited as part of a big group – and probably the last.

It’s not that the food was bad – my chicken roghan josh was perfectly spiced and the meat was tender – but it took far too long to appear.

When we arrived at our allotted time, we had a drink and waited for the table…and then placed our order at the bar and then waited some more…

After waiting for half an hour we were shown to a table that was too small, which was then given away to another group. So we waited for at least another ten minutes…

And in spite of taking our order at the bar, our food took another half an hour to arrive.

Whenever I’ve eaten there before, it has been great. The service had always been prompt and timely, but they seemed to really struggle this weekend, which was a bit of a shame.

In terms of price, the Spice of India is about average – my chicken roghan josh was £6-ish. And you do have the added bonus of free parking, which brings the overall cost down.

The Spice of India is located at the City end of the Holt Road in Horsford.

To book a table, visit the Spice of India website.


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