Sweet treats at Gelateria della Palma in Rome

inNorfolk | Sweet treats at Gelateria della Palma in RomeEvery time I’ve been to Rome I’ve visited this gelateria – and trust me, it’s for a good reason!

I first checked out Gelateria della Palma back on 2005, when my guide book piqued my interest; it stated that the gelateria offered more flavours of ice cream than any other. Disbelieving, I felt it was my duty to make sure that it wasn’t just an empty statement and save other tourists from disappointment.

It’s not an empty statement.

I have never seen so many flavours of Italian ice cream in one place. From chilli chocolate to lemon and fig, they even sell mousse and soy based gelato. It’s mind blowing. Each time I go, I end up spending about an hour trying to make a decision!
But they don’t just sell ice cream, oh no – they sell a huge amount of pick and mix, pastries and coffee too. I think I could easily live in there because they have everything I need!

Although it seems quite chaotic, it’s mainly because of excitement. It’s got a lovely retro decor too- with polished chrome fittings and stills from Roman Holiday on the wall – it’s an experience in itself.

Recently gelato has become a tad expensive in Italy, starting at 2.80 for a small pot, but when in Rome…

Gelateria della Palma is located on Via della Maddelena just beyond the Pantheon in Rome.


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