Possibly the best curry in the world

Alas, I know that most of my blogs are about putting food in my face, but I just can’t help it! I like my food!

If you follow me on Twitter, you may be aware that the weekend didn’t exactly turn out the way I had planned. We were planning to have our evening meal at home, but we didn’t get anything out and didn’t feel like cooking, so headed into Norwich. In the end we decided to try the Nazma curry house on St Magdalene Street because we hadn’t been there in a while.

I think one of the reasons I like the Nazma is because it’s far less ostentatious than the other curry houses in town; I don’t feel like I have to get too dressed up to go there, even on a Saturday night. It’s also quite a small restaurant, so it’s quieter and the service is always excellent. The waiting staff always seem to give you enough time when poring over the menu and between courses.

I think the curry we had this Saturday was one of the best we’d ever had. On top of a couple of poppadoms, we shared a chicken shashlick, tangy tamarind lamb, saag aloo (spinach and potatoes), rice and naan for about £35, which is very good value.

As a testament to how good it is, I don’t normally eat lamb because I find it’s too fatty, but the curry was spot on; the meat was very lean and tender and it perfectly complements the sauce.

Find out more about the Nazma, or book a table, on their website.


Hi, I'm Lucy. I've lived in Norfolk since 2001 and in that time I've grown to love this fine county. From the city of Norwich, to the countryside villages and sweeping coastline, there's so much to explore and hope to share my experiences with you here.

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