A tribute to my Nan

On Monday I lost my Nan.

And although it was kind of expected, it isn’t any easier.

And this isn’t something I’d normally do, but I want to say how great she was and how much I will miss her. She was so incredibly strong – she never gave up fighting, no matter what the obstacle, and she loved us all very dearly.

She played a huge part in my childhood and I have so many happy memories of her. We lived next-door-but-one to her for a long time, which meant that we were always in and out of her house, or staying there if our parents were at work. She would always give us sweets and cake, but “don’t tell your Mum”.

And her bread pudding was to die for; no other bread pudding compares – not even my Mum’s. There was just something about the way she made it that no one can replicate.

I remember coming home from school and rushing down the stairs of the bus when I saw her waiting at the next stop, so I could talk to her, or calling her when I got home from work to see how she was.

I don’t want to get all teary-eyed, so I will stop now, but I need to say that I will miss her every day of my life, and how grateful I am to have known her.

Thank yous

I know there are so many people that have helped my Nan and family over the years, but I’m particularly grateful to the staff at Hawthorne’s Nursing Home in Unthank Road for looking after her. They cared for her and spoke to her like there was nothing wrong – and they’ve also been a great support to us over the 18 months she was there.

Gordon Barber funeral directors have also really helped my family start making the arrangements, which has been a weight off of everyone’s mind. I know it’s partly their job, but they have been so supportive of my Mum that they deserve a mention.

Rest in peace
1932 – 2011


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