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Dim Sum platter at Baby Buddha

Want to go out for Chinese food this weekend, but don’t fancy take away or the Lucky Star buffet?

I can thoroughly recommend trying Baby Buddha on Ber Street in Norwich.Apparently it has been there for a while, but I’ve never noticed it (I can be rather unobservant)! It’s a teeny tiny little place, and just getting in there is a mission, but it’s definitely worth it.

Great food, generous portions

A word of caution: the menu is vast, so it could take you a while to decide what you want to try – especially if you’re hungry!

I shared a few dishes with my other half, but probably over-ordered because we didn’t realise how big the portions would be.We had a dim sum platter for two to start, which comes with four different handmade variations to try and crispy seaweed. It is a rather large starter, so bear this in mind if you visit.

We followed it with spicy lemon and ginger chicken (which was refreshing and not overly sweet) and crispy chilli beef (my absolute favourite!) with boiled rice.All of the food came out fresh and piping hot, with just the right amount of spice and flavour. Although there was far too much food for us, I didn’t want to leave any because it tasted so good!

The service was also excellent, with attentive waiters leaving just enough time left between dishes. I would encourage you to give it a go because it’s so good – but call in advance, because it really is a tiny restaurant.

Check out the Baby Buddha menu.

Directions to Baby Buddha

Baby Buddha is located on Ber Street on the way out of the City.


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