Cupcakes in Fremantle, Western Australia

inNorfolk | Cupcakes in Fremantle, Western Australia
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As promised, I’ve put together a new blog about Fremantle, Western Australia. Located 25 minutes south of Perth, the town has something for everyone.

More colonial in design than Perth, Fremantle seems to have retained more of its original architecture than its neighbour; the Prison is a prime example. Built in the 19th century by transported convicts, the building has a long history and was in use until the early 1990s. The tours are very informative and enthusiastic, although you might want to miss out the gallows if you’re faint hearted.

inNorfolk | Cupcakes in Fremantle, Western Australia
Cupcakes from Freo market

If you like spending money, then you should definitely stop at Fremantle markets. There are two and they are both huge, selling everything from fruit and veg, to art and cupcakes. You could easily spend a day trying the samples and soaking up the sounds. I bought a selection of cupcakes in various flavours, from the My Yummy Vice stall – I recommend the lemon meringue flavour!

Speaking of food, no trip to Fremantle would be complete without a trip to the famous Ciccerello’s. Their fish and chips is amazing – they cook everything to order from fish to squid, prawns and crabstick. You can eat it all sitting on the deck overlooking the marina, sipping at a glass of wine as you go. It’s the perfect way to relax after walking around town all morning.

I think my last highlight, before this blog becomes an essay, is a little shop near the station, called Home Provedore. They sell everything you could possibly need for baking, from beautiful die-cut cupcake cases, to cake stands and aprons. I could have spent a small fortune in there, but I had to think about the size of my suitcase, so I limited myself to $10-worth of cupcake cases.

And another thing:

You can catch both the Rottnest Express and the whale watching boat from Fremantle. Both trips are pricey, but are definitely worthwhile.


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